R-20 Low Pressure Ram

TNT Rescue

ALL TNT Rescue tools and pumps are fully compatible with Hurst, Genesis, Holmatro and Amkus equipment. Use your current pump with TNT Rescue Tools or use your existing Rescue Tools with a TNT Pump, your choice.

100% interchangeable and 100% Lifetime warranty on all TNT Rescue Equipment.

• Phosphate Ester or Diethylene Glycol Hydraulic Oil 5,500 PSI (379 BAR)
• Penetrating Bear Teeth, on both ram tip and base
• Bear Teeth provide better grip, greater control and increasing safety during displacement
• True variable speed control (TVSC), deadman control increases manageability in critical situations
• Dual Pilot check valves for reliable & superior load holding
• Maximum push force in excess of 17,000 pounds
• Ideal for heavy equipment and machinery
• Capability of rams can be increased with the addition of accessories
• The R-Series provides both pushing and pulling capabilities.
• Standard Couplers
Lifetime Warranty

R-20-LP Specifications
  Max. Operating Pressure 5,5000 psi / 379 bar
  Max. Push Force 17,336 lbs. / 77.1 kN
  Max. Pull Force 9,366 lbs. / 41.6 kN
  Stroke Length 7.0 in. / 178 mm
  Extended Length 24.8 in. / 629.9 mm
  Closed Length 18.2 in. / 462.3 mm
  Width 3.5 in. / 88.9 mm
  Height 7.4 in. / 188 mm
  Deployment Weight 27 lbs. / 12.3 kg
  NFPA 1936 2010 Edition Compliant Yes


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