Lentry - Single Head LED

Ventry Solutions (Lentry)

The LED lamp heads used on the Ventry lighting system have been described as “OMG Bright”. The pole light(s) are quickly removable from the light base for transport and storage. The frame legs are individually adjustable to accommodate un-even terrain and keep your generator out of the water, snow and mud.

Using LED for scene lighting has a number of benefits:
•    High efficiency output
•    50,000 hour life rating (that’s 5.7 years of continuous use!)
•    Bright white light very close to natural sunlight
•    Low operating temperature
•    Combination flood & spot lighting
•    Instant-on at full intensity
•    Maintenance free (no bulbs to replace or fail)
•    Rugged (Fire Fighter resistant) construction
•    Built in the USA

System Includes:
•    Honda EU2000i generator
•    LENTRY Frame (legs)
•    V-Star or V-Spec LED Lamphead Polelight
•    Single Polelight base

V-Star LED - 240W V-Spec LED - 330W
 - 20,000 Lumens
 - 48 LEDs for spot & flood pattern in one light
 - Dual ergonomic handles for easy aiming
 - Engineered optical reflector
 - Durable aluminum housing (powder coat finish)
 - Protective cover
 - 28,000 Lumens
- 72 LEDs total
- 60 LEDs on top and bottom (flood lighting)
- 12 LED’s on middle row focused (spot lighting)
- Lens & optics are molded
- Cooling fins incorporated into super-slim head



2000W  Lentry Single Head LED Lighting System
 Generator Honda EU2000i
 Generator Output AC (max)* 120V  2000W max. (16.7A)
 Generator Output AC (rated)* 120V  1600W rated (13.3A)
 Receptacles 20A 125V Duplex, NEMA 5-15P
 Light Certifications UL, CE
 Generator Output DC 12V 96W (8A)
 Fuel Capacity 1.1 gallons (4.4 quarts)
 Run time per tank (approx.)   4 hrs hours @ rated load (1600W)
10.34 hours with V-Star LED (240W)
9.8 hours with V-Spec LED (336W)
 Generator with Legs Retracted (H x W x D) 21 x 14.75 x 27.25 in.
 V-Star Light Head (H x W x D) 14.5 x 14 x 5.75 in.
 V-Spec Light Head (H x W x D) 14.75 x 14.5 x 3.5 in.
 Standard Height Pole   15.25 in.retracted
 XT Height Pole 44 in. retracted
 Hi-Lite Pole 71.5" retracted

 * "Rated" means the power the generator can supply continuously to run lights and other tools; “Max” wattage is available for short bursts.

 Generator and Legs (dry) 58 lbs.
 Fuel & Oil 7.47 lbs.
 V-Star Lighthead and Standard Pole 13.88 lbs.
 V-StarLighthead and XT Pole 16.5 lbs.
 V-StarLighthead andHi-Lite Pole
18.5 lbs.
 V-Spec Lighthead and Standard Pole 11.63 lbs.
 V-Spec Lighthead and XT Pole 14.25 lbs.
 V-Spec Lighthead and Hi-Lite Pole 16.25 lbs.

•    Generator 3 year commercial
•    V-Star Lighthead:  6 years
•    V-Spec Lighthead:  5 years
•    All Other Components 5 years workmanship and materials
•    Lifetime Factory Support

Additional options available with Ventry All Terrain Lighting Systems include:
• Polelight Truck-Mount Option
• Tachometer/Hour Meter
• Carrying Strap

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
2STARS V-Star LED - Std. Pole
2STARX V-Star LED - XT Pole
2STARH V-Star LED - Hi-Lite Pole
2SPECS V-Spec LED - Std. Pole
2SPECX V-Spec LED - XT Pole
2SPECH V-Spec LED - Hi-Lite Pole
PLTMA Polelight Truck Mount
T-1031 Digital Tachometer/Hour Meter Installed
L-1003 Carrying Strap