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TFT Flip Tip with G-Force Nozzle

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TFT Flip Tip with G-Force Nozzle
TFT - Task Force Tips

The Flip Tip with G-Force Nozzle provides the initial attack team a choice of flows as well as outstanding stream performance.  Integrated with a high volume ball shutoff and your choice of G-Force combination nozzle, the FlipTip provides a single nozzle that offers both a hard hitting smoothbore and high performance combination nozzle.

The detent style ball shutoff allows positive operator control, choice of 100 psi or low pressure 75 psi operation (7 or 5 bar), and stainless spinning, cut metal or bonded rubber fog teeth. Color coded handles are available for Flip Tip nozzles equipped with a pistol grip.

•    Choice of Fixed, Selectable, or Automatic Tip
•    Integrated Combination Nozzle and Smoothbore Base
•    Choice of Operating Pressures and Fog Teeth Designs
•    Optional Color Coded Pistol Grip and Valve Handle Covers at No Additional Charge


Inlet Size:
•    1.5” NH Female

Nozzle Styles:
•    Flip-Tip Ball Valve with G-Force Nozzle
•    Flip Tip Ball Valve with G-Force Nozzle and pistol grip

Tip Sizes
Rear Tips Sizes G-Force Nozzle Pressure Control
7/8" 1/2"
15/16" 5/8"
1.0" 15/16"
1 1/8" 1"
1 3/8" -


Pistol Grip & Valve Handle Colors
Black (Std.) Green
Orange Gray
Red Pink
Yellow Purple
White Tan
Blue -


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