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TFT Flip Tip with G-Force Nozzle

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TFT Flip Tip with G-Force Nozzle
TFT - Task Force Tips

The Flip Tip with G-Force Nozzle provides the initial attack team a choice of flows as well as outstanding stream performance.  Integrated with a high volume ball shutoff and your choice of G-Force combination nozzle, the FlipTip provides a single nozzle that offers both a hard hitting smoothbore and high performance combination nozzle.

The detent style ball shutoff allows positive operator control, choice of 100 psi or low pressure 75 psi operation (7 or 5 bar), and stainless spinning, cut metal or bonded rubber fog teeth. Color coded handles are available for Flip Tip nozzles equipped with a pistol grip.

•    Choice of Fixed, Selectable, or Automatic Tip
•    Integrated Combination Nozzle and Smoothbore Base
•    Choice of Operating Pressures and Fog Teeth Designs


Inlet Size:
•    1.5” NH Female

Nozzle Styles:
•    Flip-Tip Ball Valve with G-Force Nozzle
•    Flip Tip Ball Valve with G-Force Nozzle and pistol grip

Tip Sizes
Rear Tips Sizes G-Force Nozzle Pressure Control
7/8" 1/2"
15/16" 5/8"
1.0" 15/16"
1 1/8" 1"
1 3/8" -


Colored Pistol Grips & Colored Handle Covers:
New nozzles will be shipped with black handle covers and a black pistol grip (if equipped). Colored Pistol Grips are available for FREE when purchasing a new TFT nozzle with a factory installed pistol grip. Colored Handle Covers are also available for FREE. Colored pistol grips and handle covers will be provided at no charge once the warranty card is completed and returned to TFT.

Available Pistol Grip and Handle Colors:
Black (Std.) Green
Orange Gray
Red Pink
Yellow Purple
White Tan
Blue -


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