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First Out Rescue is a recognized leader in Auto Extrication and Rescue training.  Our instructors have diverse backgrounds in the emergency services; including career and volunteer Fire/Rescue and EMS agencies. All of our instructors are recognized experts in the field of auto extrication & vehicle rescue and “use what they teach” in their home Fire Departments and Rescue Squads to save lives every day.  

Since no two departments are the same, we are able to custom tailor a training program that is specific to your agency’s needs using the equipment you already have on your apparatus.  We can also supply tools and equipment to supliment your exisiting inventory.  All of our Extrication College training programs follow NFPA 1670 and NFPA 1006 Technical Rescuer Standards.

Some of the MANY topics covered in our Extrication College Programs Include:

•    New Vehicle Construction with High Strength Steel          
•    Vehicle Stabilization: Struts, Cribbing and Other Methods
•    Hybrid Vehicle Considerations for the Rescuer •    Hand Tools:  Air Chisel, Sawzal, Glass Saw & Other Tools
•    Alternative Fuel Vehicle Hazards for the Rescuer •    Hydraulic Rescue Tool Techniques
•    Vehicle Air Bag Locations, Operation and Hazards •    Air Lifting Bags:  Low Pressure and High Pressure
•    Scene Safety, Scene Size-up & Hazard Recognition •    Big Truck Rescue:  Specialized Rescue for Large Vehicles


Half day, full day or multiple day training programs are available:  
•    ½ day program (4 hour) - Classroom and hands-on evolutions
•    ½ day program (4 hour) - Hands-on evolutions only
•    Full Day program (8 hour) - Classroom and hands-on evolutions
•    Full Day program (8 hour) - Hands-on evolutions only
•    Multiple Day – Typically a combination of classroom and hands-on practical sessions


If you have special, specific or different training needs we are always happy to work with your department to develop a training program that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations!  Please CONTACT US fror more information, including detailed program information, scheduling and pricing for our Extrication College programs.